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Recently automatically processed ATC recordings

2023-03-28 09:28:40
go ahead seven three nine Easy seven three nine startup approved for taxi ground one two one nine one zero good bye
startup approved one two one nine
2023-03-28 09:14:57
Nouvelair seven three eight nine Sierra we request startup
wizz_air seven three nine ruzyne Delivery good morning Romeo QNH one zero two one time one four
Qatari VOZ four Bravo departure initial climb five thousand feet for one four four seven
2023-03-28 09:00:18
departure very good morning KLM nine six Tango on the baltu Echo eight Echo departure passing two thousand six hundred
hello KLM nine six Tango Praha radar identified climb to flight level one six zero
climb maintain flight level one six zero KLM
six nine Tango and we are in about four Bravo departure

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